Sprite GiveAway!  



Well, I'm not going to work on Duel Toys 2 ever again, so I decided I might just give away the sprites so you can use on your fan-games and MUGEN creations!
Here's the deal, if this page reaches 1000 likes I'll post all the PNG files for 10 most voted characters! And, in the future, I'll share the 50 remaining ones.
GO FOR IT, tell your friends, spread the news!


Bem, eu nunca mais vou mexer em Duel Toys 2, por isso decidi dar todos os sprites que eu produzi para que vocês possam usar nos seus fã-games e criações de MUGEN!
Mas é o seguinte, se essa página chegar a 1000 likes eu posto os arquivos em PNG para os 10 personagens mais comentados abaixo! No futuro eu vou liberando os outros 50.
VAMO LA! Espalha a notícia!

Welcome to Duel Toys 2!

Duel Toys 2 is a fighting/RPG Fan-Game which features tons of different well known characters from various games/ comics/ movies and turn them into Dueling Toys!

It features more then 60 characters, from games like Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Mortal Kombat and even pop icons like Darth Vader and Michael Jackson. Each are represented exactly like they are in their original games! It also contains more than 10 original characters!

But to get all the characters you must travel the city of Green Grapes dueling and collecting Badges. So start playing right now, do you think you can get all the 60 Duel Toys?

Check the News page for updates and information on Duel Toys 2!

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