Beta Test - Phase 1  

Hello Beta Testers, today starts the first part of beta-testing for Duel Toys 2, I chose 7 beta-testers, each one will play with 7-8 characters to find bugs in characters and gameplay.

You must read all the information below. And send me an email telling me that you downloaded the game, so that I can know who has started beta testing.

Downloading the game:

Here are the files, sorry I had to break it into 4 parts, I was having trouble uploading it as a big single file. They're zipped in a Rar file.

Part 1 - 29 mbs Part 2 - 29 mbs Part 3 - 29 mbs Part 4 - 15 mbs

How will this beta test work?

I sent each beta tester a zip file containing a database that unlocks the characters they'll be playing with, after downloading the game, this file should be put inside the DATA folder.

How to play?

The default controls for the game are:

W-jump, A-move left, D-move right, S-crouch, J-Button A, K-Button B, U-Button C, I-Button D, You can change the controls going to Options in the main menu.

I assume that most of you know how to play a fighting game, so I wont explain that part, just especific features of this game. The Toys are divided into two groups, or models, Solar Lemon and StarJoy, they're like the ISM's in SFA3 or Grooves in Capcom Vs SNK.

General Commands in navigation:

  • in character face off screen, in DUAL or TRIPLE mode, press left or right to switch you characters.
  • in continue, press button A to keep fighting
General Commands in fighting:
  • Press C and any direction button in the ground to perform a throw, if you are not close to your opponent, you throw will whiff for some seconds, leaving you open to attacks
  • Press D in DUAL DUEL (tag) Mode to change characters
  • If you are trapped in the corner, after some hits in the air, your character will auto perform an CORNER PUSH movement, it does not damage the opponent, but it throws them away
Solar lemon commands:
  • press forward twice to run
  • press backward twice to hop back
  • press C while falling from a attack to air recover
  • press C while being attacked for a counter, it takes a little of you Super Bar
  • your super bar grows faster than StarJoy models
  • Solar lemon special atacks, or MODEL DISCHARGE, needs a full bar to be performed
StarJoy commands:
  • press forward twice to hop forward
  • press backward twice to hop back
  • press C while falling from a attack to quick recover on ground
  • press C and any direction button when hitting the ground from an attack to roll in that direction
  • press C while not pressing any direction to dodge
  • your super bar takes a little longer to fill up
  • StarJoy special atacks, or MODEL DISCHARGE, needs a full bar to be performed and are more damaging than Solar Lemons special attacks

What I need and what I don't need to know from this beta test:

The objective of this beta test is to find bugs and balance the game, see if attacks can't be abused into infiity combos and also see if the AI can be hard or easy enough.

I need to know:

  • Check if any character freezes during any attack, freezing in a frame or something.
  • check if any special movement behave erratically, like going backward instead of forward.
  • Some characters have effects in their attacks, most of them are glowing, fire, ice and stuff like that, but sometimes, they dont show up, i need to know how often and on which characters that happens.
  • Check if all grabs(throws) work, try to use them everywhere, everytime, to see if they can't be abused.
  • play like crazy, pressing all the buttons, like a 5-years old kid, or a monkey, to check if the game crashes or freeze.
  • Play hard, marcyless on the opponent, to check if the AI is good enough.
  • Use supers specials of each character in both modes and sides of the screen, check if the portraits appear on both sides.
  • SUPER SPECIALS that make the character move, should create shadows or clones of the character, like in street fighter alpha 3, if that does not happen, tell me which character it was.
  • ALL PROJECTILES attacks should throw the opponent up and away when hit in air, if the opponent just start falling to the ground when hit by a projectile in ar, tell me which character that was.
  • Some characters MIGHT have sprites of other character in their frames, tell me when that happens.
  • In the fighting frame, there is a small FPS counter on the uppr right of the screen, if it for any reason runs below 58~60 frames, tell me.

What I DON'T need to know:

  • issues regarding sound and music, this part is not done yet.
  • issues regarding Story, Versus and Trophie mode, they're not complete.
  • complaints about character outfits, movement and stuff, it's all done and will NOT be done again.
  • characters that you think I should put in the game, the roster is complete and will not be expanded, at least not in this version of DT2

Debug Keys:

press any of the buttons below while fighting to access debug options:

1-set frame rate to 10fps, slow motion 2-set frame rate back to normal, 60fps 4-fills the super bar. 6-sets health bars to 1 7-set health bars to full

How to report?

You can all report in the comment section of this post but I would rather have you sending me an email with all the bugs you found in