News 06.04.2010  

New Version (beta 1.2) of Duel Toys 2 is up. go to the Download page.

-Seviant and other overpowered characters have been tuned down.
-Players no long overlap each other on corners.

-B Jenet throw fixed.
-Characters with attacks with no damage have been fixed (Kyo, Chun-li, Cammy, Goku, Galford, Hayato and others.)

-Kid with StarJoy Goku is now working.
-duelists with wrong set of speech have been fixed.
-controls for player 2 can now be changed in options.
-freeze at speech balloon fixed.
-Throw specials that knock opponents away on counter hits have been fixed. (MK Brutalities, Morrigans StarJoy special and etc.)
-Opponent stuck after being defeated fixed.
-Some hyper fast projectiles have been slowed down.
-Naruto, Sol Bad and Ken Eagle stucked effects fixed.
-Star Wars game works fine and Darth Vader becomes unlockable after defeating him.
-Counter Hits on characters recovering from attacks have been fixed.
-Characters available in versus mode have been fixed.
-Characters now receive more discharge energy by getting hit then hitting the opponent.